In accordance with the Egypt Ministry of Finance reference to Decision No. 328 of 2021 amending some provisions of Resolution No. 38 of 2021, there is an extension to the Advance Cargo Information Declaration (ACID) Implementation by three months. The regulations are now scheduled to go live from 1st October 2021 instead of earlier announced date of 1st July 2021. ACI will be strictly required for all import shipments and carriers will be obliged by law to validate ACI related information prior loading from the first load port.

Consequently, Exporters -or their agents- should provide ACI Mandatory References on the shipping instructions to Sealand - A Maersk Company as follows:

  1. ACID–Advance Cargo information declaration: A 19 digit unique number.
  2. Egyptian Importer VAT Number: A 9 digit number.
  3. Exporter Registration Number
  4. Exporter Registration Country

The customers using New Shipping Instructions Journey on can submit these references under the Specified Shipment References available and also under “Cargo Description” section for Import Manifest submission.

  • Egyptian VAT number
  • Exporter Registration number
  • ACID Number
  • Exporter Registration Country

The customers using Self Service Portal for submitting the shipping instructions on can select the references from shipment reference drop down list, and also need to update them under “Cargo Description” section.

The Customers using Inttra platform for suibmitting the shipping instructions, can provide the references under “Cargo Description” section

The customers using EDI for suibmitting the shipping instructions, can provide the references under “Cargo Description” section

The shipping instructions will be rejected if any of these references are missing on the shipping instructions or invalid on Nefeza site.

In order to comply with the complete implementation of ACI, and as of 15th of Sept 2021, aforementioned mandatory fields will be made available for customers to fill-in while submitting Shipping Instructions no later than 36 hours prior intended vessel’s arrival (ETA) at first load port enabling Sealand - A Maersk Company to validate ACI related information latest by 24 hours prior loading as required by law. The actual deadlines for submitting the shipping instructions will be available on the website and booking confirmation template. The cargo will be rolled if the shipping instructions with valid 4 Customs references specified above are not submitted by the deadlines.

Below scenarios will be rejected due to the new ACI regulation–Setup for the time being and until further notice/update:

The amendment to the Consignee /shipper/ACID references will also not be accepted as per the customs regulations after container loading.

Change of Destination (COD) to Egyptian ports will also be rejected, while the CODs of shipments enroute to Egypt to any non-Egyptian ports will be allowed.

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