Please note starting from 1/10/2021, all exports to Gabon are subject to produce BIETC draft copy for containers to be loaded from origin load port. BIETC (Bordereau d’Identification Électronique de Traçabilité des Cargaisons) is used by the authorities to supervise all cargos from loading to discharge & to effectively control and manage import/export traffic of the country. 

For each Gabon Import shipment BIETC must be applied in advance & draft copy to be shared before containers are loaded from origin country. BIETC draft copy to be submitted before the container gets loaded from origin load port & import team to be notified once the BIETC draft copy has been uploaded on the below link to be validated by Gabon Import team.

Effective from October 1st 2021, BIETC draft copy to be shared before the container is loaded on the vessel from origin load port. Any shipment missing BIETC draft copy the containers will not be allowed to load from origin & if any invalid BIETC draft copy received container/s will be returned back to origin. Every BIETC number to be shared with the right bill of lading number along with Consignor & Consignee details 

The regulation is applicable for all the cargo moving from any part of the world to final delivery location Gabon

For reference, check the below downloadable file of BIETC draft copy

For application & documents required, please click here.

You may also reach out to below contacts for additional information or incase of difficulty in filling BIETC for Gabon 
Email id :-

Blaise Pefouka
Kevin Oyabi Gnala

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