At Sealand - A Maersk company, your needs always come first. That’s why we are continuously trying to simplify the way you do business with us. Container damages can happen at any stage of your supply chain, so we decided to introduce a new product to ensure you will not be liable for any damaged equipment (within the coverage limit) and will be protected against financial losses.

As from 1st of November 2021, a new surcharge called Container Protect Essential will come into effect, applicable to all shipments imported into Italy as part of your destination charges.

Container Protect Essential

  • EUR 15/20’ and EUR 19/40’
  • Applicable to all import shipments and mandatory for all commodities
  • Provides coverage for container repair and cleaning costs up to EUR 200

Applicable from

  • For non Spot booking the effective date is from the 1st November Price Calculation Date (PCD)
  • For SPOT booking, the effective date is 1st November Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) at the booking confirmation date

Meanwhile, we will also introduce a new value-added service, Container Protect Unlimited which is optional, but which will provide unlimited coverage. We will send you specific information about this new solution shortly.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your local sales, customer service representative or visit

We thank you for your partnership. We truly appreciate the trust you put in us in moving your cargo from one doorstep to the next, and we are excited to continue working closely with you.

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