When shipping commodities which are recognized as ‘ non-toxic waste’, you are subject to comply with the extra documentation requirements like Annex VII.

We would like to remind you that for export out of Belgian/Flemish ports a slightly different procedure applies compared to our surrounding countries.

As of earlier this year you were no longer required to provide this documentation physically at the terminal at time of gate-in of your export container. Instead the required documents have to be sent via e-mail latest at gate-in of the container at the export terminal.

Please find below a reminder of the procedure:

*Bazel code is the code in box nr.10 of the Annex VII doc or box 14 of the transport document

Please note that the responsibility lies with the shipper to ensure documentation is sent complete and on time to the correct parties. Therefor the carrier cannot be held liable for any costs/fines resulting from incompliance.

We hereby hope to have reminded you. Should you have additional question, please do not hesitate to reach out to your customer service team.

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