While you’re celebrating, our online shipping tools make sure your business keeps running as usual.

Holiday season usually means that it’s time to make merry and celebrate with friends and family.  But for the logistics industry, it also means that the global peak season rush of shipments is here. 

Give yourself the perfect gift of running your business seamlessly, even during the holiday rush, with these digital shipping tools:

  1. Online booking and pricing

    As your year-end quotas and customer orders need to be fulfilled, you need to book your shipments as quickly as possible while ensuring that you have the equipment and space needed.

    This is exactly what you can do with Sealand Spot. You can get guaranteed loading and fixed prices without any surprise charges! You can also save more on bookings, purchase extra freetime days and choose rollable option (available for Europe/Americas).

  2. Online finance management

    The last thing anyone wants over the holidays is to spend time waiting for invoices, lining up to make payments and submitting payment proofs. By doing these online, you save precious time that can be better spent on more important matters. 

    All it takes is a few easy steps to find your invoices on sealandmaersk.com via MyFinance. In many countries, online payment options such as credit card payments, internet banking and Smart Pay are also available. With online payments, your Bills of Lading (BLs) get released instantly.

  3. Online shipment tracking and notifications 

    Even when offices are closed for the holidays, you can still track your shipments or individual containers easily on our website or mobile app. Simply enter the shipment, Bill of Lading or container number and click TRACK to get all the tracking information you need. 

    You can also set up notifications on your sealandmaersk.com account so you automatically receive updates related to changes in the arrival or departure dates of your shipments, port and terminal changes, or vessel and voyage changes— without having to call or email. You have full control over who receives these updates, and how often you want to be informed. Then, there’s also The Hub – a dashboard that offers an overview of your sealandmaersk.com account, from outstanding tasks, DnD calculator, your shipment’s overview, details about customs. You can even customise the widgets you’d like to see first!

  4. Online delivery orders

    When you request for and view your delivery orders online, you save waiting and handling time. You’ll be able to see the shipment’s cargo release and finance status and can even select the party you want to release your cargo to.

    This reduces your workload, gives you time to focus on working efficiently and to enjoy the holiday. 

  5. Online logistics solutions 

    Looking for trucking or customs brokerage that bundles in with your ocean shipment? Place your usual booking on our website! This allows you to explore additional logistics solutions available for your selected corridor, including inland and intermodal services, import and export customs brokerage and Value Protect. All this, so your supply chain is further simplified.

  6. Online customer support channels

    There’s nothing better than a quick resolution to cheer you up during the holidays. That’s why we’re always on standby to answer your questions. You can use LiveChat feature to get real-time support related to technical issues like resetting passwords or any registration issues.

    If you’re based in Asia, you can chat with our virtual assistant SeaBot to get instant answers on queries about shipment status and tracking, detention & demurrage calculation, local charges and more. 

    Do you have a more complex query? Online Case Management assigns you a unique case number that makes it easier to track and get notified of updates. You can also use our website guides to learn more. 

    BONUS: Manage your business online – on mobile

    No matter where you are during the holidays, you can use the Sealand mobile app to find routes and schedules, look up prices, book and track shipments and receive instant notifications. What’s more, with our new enhancements, you can even view invoices on the app and get a more seamless booking experience. 

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