We would like to re-share with regards to the Directorate General of Customs and Excise Regulation No 11/2020 (the “Regulation”) on Manifest Regulations that submission of inward and outward manifest must be completed with respective Tax ID with effective 1 August 2021.

For corporate Shipper/ Consignee, It is mandatory to include the NPWP/ Tax ID on Final Shipping Instruction. To ensure the NPWP/Tax ID is correctly captured, please put it on your documentation (Shipping Instruction) process through Sealandmaersk website.

New Interface (Submit Shipping Instruction) which applied to 1st Submission, shipment with single or multiple containers up to 10, single cargoline.

  • You can put NPWP/TAX ID during 2nd Stage (PARTIES), in Shipment Reference Column section - as shown below guidance.


Old Interface (Submit & Amend Shipping Instruction) which applied to Shipping Instruction amendment, shipment with multiple containers >10 containers, and shipment that need Combine, Split or multiple cargo descriptions.

  • You can put NPWP/TAX ID during 1st Stage (DOCUMENT PROPERTIES), Additional Reference section, and add Tax Reference Indonesia - as shown below guidance.

Appreciate your good cooperation to ensure complete data submission on Final Shipping Instruction to avoid failure to load (Export) or remain on board (ROB) for Import. Any additional charges occur will be under Customer Responsibility.

Click below downloadable attachment for reference.

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