The following advisory serves as notification of a change in process as it pertains to how customers will be informed of ocean terminal Earliest Receipt Date (ERD) information. There are many factors that may impact when an ocean terminal decides to receive export cargo, such as vessel schedules, weather, terminal congestion, etc. Sometimes these events occur just before vessel arrival, which leads to last-minute changes in receiving, as well as inconsistencies in the receiving window published by the ocean terminal vs. Sealand – A Maersk Company.

To ensure you have access to the most timely and accurate information, we are recommending the use of ocean terminal websites (download below) to obtain the Earliest Receipt Date. Effective Monday, January 31st 2022, for Sealand shipments, we will stop including the ERD in the booking confirmation, and we will no longer communicate changes to the ERD as the receiving window approaches.

To further simplify the export receiving process for REEFER bookings, both DRY and REEFER containers will share the same receiving windows. Once again, to make this change as seamless as possible, links to the terminal websites will be posted to, under the local information Export page for Canada and US, and we will include the link in future booking confirmations.

For cargo moving to the ocean terminal by rail, we will continue to communicate the ERD at the inland rail origin. Rest assured we will continue to work with our terminal providers to set receiving windows in advance and limit changes as much as possible.

Download below advisory for the full list of ocean terminal websites and other terminal information.

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