We would like to inform on applicable surcharges during low water situation in the river Rhine (measure point Kaub), which is a low water situation at measure point Kaub - middle part of the river Rhine starts as from 1.50 meter and lower.

Barge transports passing the measuring point “Kaub” are affected due to draft restrictions and other locations might be affected in consequence, too.

Kindly note that in case of water levels at Kaub falling below 81cm or Duisburg-Ruhrort below 181cm, we regret that a loading guarantee for your cargo cannot be granted anymore.

The applicable low water surcharges 2022 will remain unchanged for time being:

  • Low Water Surcharge levels according to the Electronic Waterways Information System (www.elwis.de)
  • Export shipments: Date of empty container delivery at customer´s facility
  • Import shipments: Date of pick-up of full container at mainliner´s discharge terminal

These costs are charged to Maersk and will be passed directly to our customers.

The low water situation is an exceptional and unforeseeable situation that is beyond our control and cannot be predicted, neither the severity nor the duration. We will do our outmost to manage the cargo flows efficiently throughout.

We appreciate your understanding and support.

For further information please contact your local Maersk office.

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