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Agritrade Expo & Conference

May 18-20.
Antigua, Guatemala.

Booth #51-53.

After a long break from attending physical events due to the pandemic, Sealand – A Maersk Company is thrilled to be finally back at the Agritrade Expo & Conference in Antigua! We have local specialists in refrigerated goods transport and cold chain logistics across the Americas who are ready to discuss your business’ reefer opportunities. Find us from May 18-20, at Booth 51-53.

Our refrigerated solutions may just be what your goods are missing

No matter where your fruits or vegetables are grown or how far they travel, we understand that different types of produce have their own, unique supply chain needs. That is why our end-to-end cold chain solutions are designed to cater to all sorts of refrigerated goods.

Our state-of-the-art reefer technologies and numerous cold stores across the Americas ensure a continuous supply chain for your fresh produce, from the time it leaves your farms to its arrival at supermarkets. Sealand provides full visibility of your refrigerated cargo at every step of its journey across ocean and land, and by adding cold chain solutions such as customs, cargo protection and warehouse management you also have full control of your cargo’s journey.

Learn more from our Cold Chain experts

Our cold chain experts are eager to meet you at Agritrade 2022, to better understand your business’ personalized needs. Come and visit us and learn how our cold chain solutions can fit into your supply chain.
Our local reefer logistics specialists will be happy to answer all your questions, give you a walkthrough on our cold chain offerings and a sneak-peek into latest innovations aimed at reshaping the cold chain industry.

Jeffrey de la Combe
Cold Chain Logistics Manager
Sam Raymond
Head of Refrigerated Sales
Analida Villavicencio
Technical Reefer Specialist
Juan Jose Rivera Hipp
Trade Manager, Central America
Roberto Alvarizaes
Sales Manager, Guatemala
Luis Lopez
Reefer Customer Service Supervisor
Camila Wachter
North America Sales Representative
Josseline Barrillas
Customer Service Representative
Alejandro Calito
Guatemala Sales Representative
Heidi Trujillo
Customer Service Representative
captain peter

Have you met Captain Peter™?

Captain Peter™ is our reefer visibility product, built to be your assistant to let you know how your refrigerated cargo is doing during its time in our refrigerated containers. It is free to try, and immediately available to Sealand customers. Captain Peter™ allows you to monitor and control your cargo’s journey from the comfort of your home in just a few easy clicks. Get instantly notified with even slight deviations in your containers’ humidity or temperature and check in on its status, live. With real-time data from Captain Perter™, you can eliminate wastage and keep the premium quality of your fruits and vegetables intact throughout the entire supply chain.

Discover more about Captain Peter.

Get excited about Agritrade Expo & Conference

Meet like-minded people from the fresh produce community and discover state-of-the-art reefer technologies that are about to transform the cold chain industry!

A knowledge sharing experience with the experts
Request a demo of Captain Peter™
A community that inspires at our Customer Event

Agritrade Expo & Conference is a leading trade show on agriculture and crop production serving as an extensive platform focusing on commercial gains and rising opportunities in the global agri market. You can find our booth 51-53 from May 18-20, with Maersk & Hamburg Süd.

We at Sealand – A Maersk Company will take the role as the intra-Americas logistics experts at this event and will show you our reefer dedicated trades and services, carrying fresh and frozen produce across North & South America.
Learn more about what we can do for Fruits and Vegetables here.

Do let us know if you're attending the Agritrade 2022 in Antigua, Guatemala!

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