As a step forward Latvia Customs has made changes in the manifest filling and all carriers are expected to start filling the 6-digit HS code in the Import & Export manifest filling to customs from June onwards

Kindly inform your associates, effective date will be from 1st July 2022 for 6-digit HS code requirement. Starting from 13th July 2022, 6-digit HS code will be mandatory for all Latvia export & import shipments & if not received shipping instruction will be rejected & DCC reject email will be sent to the customer

Note - 6-digit HS code (Harmonized commodity code) to be provided at the time of submission of shipping instructions for all Latvia import & export shipments.

We have illustrated at the end of the advisory how to include the 6-digit HS code as part of the online shipping instruction journey

We thank you for your support. We will keep you informed of any further development.

In case of any queries or require any assistance regarding 6-Digit HS code regulation, please do not hesitate to contact local Sealand representative.

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