The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has seen Sealand - A Maersk Company apply a number of contingency measures to keep customer supply chains moving as much as operationally feasible, including identifying and implementing alternative routes around affected regions.

The port of Constanta, Romania, has consequently been subject to a surge of additional cargo over the past five months, so much so that the terminal is now under a lot of pressure and action is required.

To alleviate the congestion, Sealand - A Maersk Company has decided to activate the Safiport terminal in Turkey and divert a portion of Constanta import cargo there until it can continue to its final destination. This will impact cargo for destinations in Ukraine, Moldova and Romania.

If your cargo is affected, any corresponding changes will be shown on the tracking system and updated on a weekly basis. Maersk is doing all in its power to minimise delays and uncertainty and we hope to give you as much visibility and clarity as possible throughout.

We expect this measure to continue through the month of July. However, the situation in Constanta is subject to change and we could see diversion measures extended beyond the end of the month. We will, of course, communicate any alterations with you as soon as they happen.

We are hugely grateful for your understanding as we look to navigate these challenging circumstances with as little disruption as possible. Our absolute priority is keeping your supply chain moving and Maersk teams are constantly monitoring and evaluating the situation to keep customer impact to a minimum.

As always, our teams are here to serve you. So please don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Customer Experience representative if you have any questions or wish to discuss options for your cargo.

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