In light of the ongoing congestion in Northern European Ports, the Port of Dunkirk is lately also suffering of significant waiting times for gate – in/out of full containers.

As a result of continuing market pressure, Sealand will be implementing a Inland Peak Season surcharge to/from Port of Dunkirk, applicable for all new bookings not already confirmed:

  • For all truck transports:
    EUR 130 per container

Keeping your supply chain moving is of paramount importance to us. The surcharge will be used to accommodate additional costs presented by our vendors, secure the capacity in the market and ultimately ensure a continued and sustainable landside transportation service to our customers.

The surcharge will be in place for as long as it is necessary to cover the increased costs that we are incurring. This means that we will withdraw the surcharge as soon as the situation returns to normal levels. Surcharge codes will be presented on invoices as “IPE” (Inland Peak Season Surcharge Export) and “IPI” (Inland Peak Season Surcharge Import)

At present, the surcharge will be effective as from 5th September, until further notice.

We appreciate your understanding and support to overcome this extraordinary situation together. 

For further information please contact your local Sealand office.

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