The Customer

NINGBO FENGSHENG FOODS CO LTD is a company that primarily imports and exports Tuna. They also provide clients with technologies, custom bonded warehouse services, aquatic products processing and cold storage services. They were seeking to lower storage and transportation costs without endangering their stability or safety of cargo flow as they felt they had a rather narrow client base, for both import and export, even though they had been in the industry for a little over 20 years. 

The Challenge

Their business involved offering freezer equipment to customers for the purposes of storing produce that required a climate-controlled environment to retain its freshness. They were facing difficulties with providing clients reliable, efficient transportation routes to accommodate this need. Prior to doing their transportation with Sealand, they did not offer direct ocean freight services to Shimizu and only offered clients with the option of Yokohoma-Shumizu reefer trucking, which was causing prolonged lead times. This was not conducive for customers transporting fresh seafood like Tuna, as lengthy transportation times could potentially compromise taste, flavour and quality of their produce, resulting in poor consumer satisfaction of the product upon purchase or consumption. The shortage of REF equipment and ocean products at the point of loading or point of discharge at Shimizu was also burdening their clients with unnecessary, additional costs such as higher storage levers.

The Solution

Doing their transportation with Sealand eliminated the fragmentations in transportation they were facing, providing a one-stop platform that encompassed all their client’s needs – one vendor for reefer, inland and ocean transportation. Sealand’s industry-leading refrigerated cargo services and inland reefer trucking services that included state-of-the-art containers equipped with atmosphere-control settings that could be controlled from anywhere, enabled the smoother transportation of their produce, all while providing them with complete transparency throughout its journey. This was of vital importance due to the nature of their primary import and export, as time is of the essence when transporting seafood. These advanced transportation solutions patched the breaks in their cold chain processes, allowing goods to move seamlessly from origin to destination.

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The Results

Sealand’s innovative solutions proved to be reliable in improving the efficiency of their business by eradicating delays, enabling goods to be delivered right on time, in optimal condition with end-to-end visibility. The company thus, invested a substantial amount on Sealand’s cold-storage cargo services, exporting more than 4000FFE in the last 12 years, amounting to a total cargo value of 800 million USD. The contents of the containers they were transporting were being used as part of the ingredients in packaged foods and restaurants so the accelerated arrival times, coupled with the preservation of product quality led to a reinforced customer trust in their company, further solidifying the relationship they had with their customers over the years. Overall buyer satisfaction, both with their purchase and experience also helped with encouraging repeated purchases.

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