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The Customer

One of the largest dairy and confectionary producers in the world, this Japan based company strives to deliver the freshest quality, most nutritious products to their consumers within the shortest possible lead time – all while maintaining cost efficiency. As one of the global leaders in the dairy production industry, customer satisfaction is embedded in their values. Ensuring freshness, optimal taste and abiding by the highest of safety standards is a key concern for them, as their customer base extends across borders and included major multinational coffee chains like Starbucks as well as other prominent brands that consume large quantities of milk as part of their businesses.

The Challenge

Prior to doing their shipments with Sealand, the company was struggling with fragmented sailing schedules and the tedious task of having to deal with multiple parties to carry out their supply chain activities. Liaising with different vendors to handle local logistics for CHB and Inland separately added an extra layer of effort and paperwork, leading to extended lead times. They also faced issues such as non-committed space from NVOCC’s, causing them to have to deal with a separate set of parties. This led to even more precious minutes being wasted.

This disjointed system was extremely inefficient and not conducive for a company transporting products that were susceptible to spoilage due to a relatively short shelf-life. They could not risk continued logistics errors or roadblocks that may potentially lead to masses of shipments turning bad or customer dissatisfaction due to diminished product quality and taste.

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The Solution

Sealand equipped them with a seamless, one-stop platform where they could simplify their logistics through handling everything from a single point of contact. The local, regional and global expertise of experienced customer service agents and fixed sailing schedules aided them to eliminate the discrepancies they were facing. Providing them with CCL from origin to Inland Haulage, CHB, booking services, ocean freight, loading guarantee and schedule monitoring all in one place. This comprehensive solution allowed them to do their bookings and track their cargo throughout from origin to destination – increasing efficiency and eradicating the unnecessary complexities in their supply chain management.

Removing this need to have to deal with multiple parties and unstable schedules that increased lead times minimised the concerns they had about their perishable produce spoiling or losing its freshness while en route to customers. These solutions helped minimise risk when shipping goods such as milk and other dairy products across long distances, ensuring that they did not lose revenue due to their inventory going bad.

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The Results

By utilising Sealand’s integrated logistics solutions, the company was able to remove the need to do repetitive paperwork and take away the worry of unstable schedules. With these worries off their plate, they could amp up productivity as less time was consumed juggling the complexities of the supply chain, deliveries were now being made within the targeted deadlines. The faster lead times also increased customer satisfaction and helped safeguard customer loyalty, as product quality was maintained throughout the journey.

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