The Customer

Shanghai Vista Packaging is a company that produces high-end liquor and spirit bottles. With a customer base that encompasses all the top 2-in the world, including IBTC, Radico Khaitan, Allied Blenders, Tanduay Distillers, Siam Winery and Thai Beverage, they seek to become a world class, comprehensive enterprise in their field – exemplifying their mission to serve their customers they best they can, inspire their peers and give back to society. The company wanted to ensure that their businesses and transportation practices were reflective of their corporate values, their previous supply chain management system, however, was making them feel detached from their own logistics procedures, with little to no control over how it was being curated.

The Challenge

Before doing their logistics with Sealand, the company was arranging their shipments with a local freight forwarder that proved to be rather unreliable and costly. The local GFF handled their BKA, TRK and CHB and the forwarder was not only earning the freight difference, but was also controlling the company’s choice of carrier, cargo plan and local services that they used. Unable to choose their carriers or arrange cargo plans to suit the needs of their inventory led them to feeling isolated from their own business, with a lack of control over how their supply chain was being run and how this was potentially affecting their brand image and customers overall experience with them.

The lack of transparency also made it so that they were unable to see or know their freight costs and they ended up having to pay additional fees when peak season rolled around. They realised that this was not a sustainable way to continue running their supply chain and decided to engage Sealand’s solutions to help streamline their logistics.

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The Solution

Sealand provided the company with solutions that enabled them to align themselves with the corporate values that they wanted to embody as part of their business practices. Empowering them with the tools they needed to put control of their supply chain management back in their hands by equipping them with a focused BKA team that offered round the clock service, arranging 2 exclusive trucking vendors and providing the most professional customs clearance team that was at the ready to handle all their transaction both regionally and globally.

Sealand also provided them with guaranteed loading space and the suitable equipment for their transportation needs, all with transparent, fixed, stable cost for both ocean and local logistics. Whether in time sensitive situations or when fulfilling contracts with buyers, Sealand provided airfreight solutions to Vista Packaging, to ensure they were able to deliver their promises to the end consumer within the stipulated timeframe. Recognising Sealand’s trustworthy, reliable and agile corporate culture, the company continued to work directly with Sealand to do their logistics.


The Results

Since switching to Sealand’s integrated solutions, the company has been able to get the support they need to ensure that their supply chain was being run in a way that they deemed fit for their business, resulting in improved brand image and purchasing experience with customers who engaged the company’s product services. They have also cut down on costs, saving about 30% on logistics. Their long-term contract with Sealand has reflected a more stable supply chain process, generating an excellent brand reputation within the industry, seeing an increase in order volume with a growth of 30%-40%.

Through cooperating with SAS directly, we are connected to the whole logistics circle, the whole supply chain has become more transparent and fair, which is a win-win strategy

Mr Wang, CEO

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