Sealand wishes to advise our customer that records in the rules of the National Water Agency (ANA) indicate a reduction in the operational draft of ships that transit through the Amazon River at the main crossing points to the port of Manaus. This decrease in the depth of the bed of the river leads to a reduction in the cargo capacity of ships, with consequent economic and financial imbalance to the regular service of waterborne transport to/from Manaus.

To recover this balance and maintain regularity, Maersk will be introducing a Low Water Surcharge (LWC) effective 15th October 2022. This Low Water Surcharge will be applicable to all containers from or into Port Manaus Brazil. 

The tariff levels are as follows:

Low water level

Fee Cargo Charge basis Tariff Levels Scope Effective date
Dry & Reefer
Charge basis
Per Container
Tariff Levels
20': USD250
40'(incl. HC & 45'): USD500
Manaus, Brazil (Import and Export)
Effective date
15th Oct 2022: PCD* for non-Spot bookings
15th Oct 2022: 1st vessel ETD at booking confirmation for Spot bookings
* PCD = Price Calculation Date. For non-FMC, PCD refers to the scheduled departure date of the first water leg at the time of booking confirmation for non-spot bookings. For FMC, PCD is last container gate-in date for non-spot bookings.

The LWC is an exceptional and temporary charge applicable due to the extraordinary conditions of navigation that will be periodically reviewed and adjusted if necessary, by virtue of the current situation. It will be removed once the sailing conditions return to normal.

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