Throughout 2022, you may have used a credit card to make a payment on We wish to inform you that beginning October 22, 2022 we will introduce a standard convenience fee for credit card payments on In addition, we will release new MyFinance functionality to add effi-ciency to your invoice processes.

Domestic Visa & Mastercard: 2.7%
International Visa & Mastercard: 3.9%
American Express: 2.9%

ACH Banking payment – an alternative to Credit Card payment: If you wish to avoid the convenience fee, we recommend that you use the alternative ACH Bank pay-ment option, also known as “SmartPay”.

ACH allows you to easily extract funds from your chosen account to pay for your Sealand invoices when you choose. With an ACH bank payment, you will still have control when, and how, you wish to pay as payments are not automatically with-drawn from your account (no automated payments). This payment type does not come with any additional charges or fees.

To set-up ACH bank payments please visit

  • Please have the following ready to update:
    • Bank routing number/transit number/ sort code
    • Account number o Country
    • Bank statement or canceled check
  • Authorizing an account
    • In the “SmartPay” tab, all existing and newly added bank accounts that are main-tained with Maersk will be displayed. You can choose any existing account per in-dividual payment.
    • After clicking into SmartPay, simply select the existing account to be authorized for payment.

Using to process your payments gets you access to Instant Cargo Release, lessening the lead time to your final customer.

Chat with us via LiveChat or contact your local office if any questions surrounding this change.

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