Solar power is among the most common alternatives for renewable energy and one that we continuously support in line with our commitment to a sustainable and clean future. However, setting up a solar power plant can be a complicated task.

For our client, Teesta Solar Limited, that means carefully and efficiently moving 728 FFEs of solar panels and 343 metric tons of power transformers and accessories into Bangladesh from overseas. What appears to be an impossible feat turned into reality in just seven months, thanks to our customer-centric innovative solutions and regional expertise.

About the customer

Teesta Solar Limited is a subsidiary of Beximco Power Company Limited. Before working with Sealand, they dealt with multiple shipping and logistics providers when importing items for their other solar power plant projects.

Teesta Solar Limited envisions developing Bangladesh’s largest grid-tied solar power plant.

The challenge


Multiple locations, challenging routes. The Teesta Solar Power Plant would need solar panels from China and power transformers and accessories from India to a project site in Rangpur. The site is 580km from the Chittagong Port, with its last 34km made of narrow roads and old bridges, some of which are incapable of withstanding heavy cargo.

Lack of space and time. Teesta Solar Limited was under pressure to immediately import their solar panels from Shanghai to help their supplier free up warehouse space. The problem was that it didn’t have room to store the items on its project site.

The solution

Customer-centric approach. Before even offering our products, our Bangladesh team took the initiative to visit the project site in Rangpur to get a feel of the journey the cargo would take. That gave the team an early heads-up on inland challenges, plus insights we can apply from a similar project we did for ERBL Solar Park Project in 2021. 

Innovative solutions at affordable costs. Flex Hub came in handy when solving Teesta’s lack of storage space for some of its solar panels. We shipped them in 190 containers from Shanghai to Chittagong, stopping midway at Tanjung Pelepas for temporary storage at our hub port. The solution allowed our client to save costs from potential warehouse procurement or paying out D&D.

Regional experts with a global footprint. We were transporting two power transformers from India, each weighing 100 metric tons, plus other accessories. It was important to note that some highways and bridges couldn’t stand heavy loads. Thus, we proposed a direct delivery from the Breakbulk vessel to Barge. The transformers were then unloaded to a harbour nearest the project site and moved via a hydraulic modular trailer (HMT).


Simplicity in integration. Teesta Solar Limited previously dealt with multiple handlers for their logistics, which required more time and effort. The accountability in such a process was also not as clear. Our end-to-end solutions, from booking to ocean and inland transport, helped simplify these complexities for Teesta Solar Limited.

The results

"We’ve been able to identify the customer’s pain points and tried to resolve them,” said Sealand Bangladesh Sales Account Manager Md Manjurul Islam. “That process helped us earn their trust and made us their chosen ocean and logistics partner for future projects."

“It was good teamwork,” said Beximco Power Company Ltd Project Director Gautam Das. “Let’s continue our efforts to make a success for the rest of the lots in shipment.”

There are still some 100 containers for shipment under this project, and our collaboration will continue in more projects next year, such as the Teesta Solar Park Extension and Korotoa Solar Park.

We’re beyond thrilled to be part of projects that helps power up Bangladesh!

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