As you’re all aware, Sealand Maersk Asia continuously takes efforts to enhance customer experiences on entire shipping journeys. In order to create more stable, visible, transparent and one-channel contact, Sealand Maersk Asia China will decommission our Documentation Indexing Mailboxes ( and start to receive document related emails only in public customer service mailboxes.

Please noted that this is only for documentation related requests via email. E-channel documentation processes (, EDI, INTTRA) remain no change.

To ensure your requests are well identified and timely processed, please include below key words in title of the email you send:

  • Title of New SI requests: “NEW SI” + (shipment number)
  • Title of Amendment SI requests: “AMD SI” + (shipment number)
  • Title of Switch SI requests: “Switch at (place) + (shipment number)

We will implement our decommission in two phases:

From 21st November 2022: you will receive an auto-replied email to notify you of the decommission plan if you send requests to Meanwhile your request will still be executed during this period.

From 5th December 2022: Any shipping Instructions / Document Amendments you send to will not be executed, and you’ll also receive an auto-reply claiming we’re not processing the request.

This policy will be applicable for Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar Export shipments with Sealand Maersk Asia

Should you have any questions, please contact your local customer experience offices.

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