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Believe it or not, more than half a month has gone by already for this new year. During this topic of the month, we will dedicate this space to covering some of the prominent trends on what to expect for this year that is already running.

2023 Trends

As we faced the past three years, numerous factors influenced the supply chain over the past years, and for 2023 there are a lot of expectations and trends on what actions can be taken to prepare for the changing market. Being aware of the trends will be essential to look forward to the decisions to take for this upcoming year.

Some trends that the logistics world could face this year:

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- Reshoring and nearshoring:

Reshoring, returning domestic product manufacturing from a foreign country back to the home country where the business´s products are sold, and Nearshoring, when a company transfers work to another organization that´s in its region, both could be one of the components that will help by-pass any potential issue caused by shortages and backlogs.

- Digitalization

As we saw last year, digitalization was an excellent tool for the visibility of the supply chain process, from raw materials and transportation and warehousing to manufacturing and distribution. Integrat-ing digitalization not only gives more visibility but also removes manual processes and increases efficiency and accuracy, and enables supply chain managers to optimize the supply chain from end to end.

- Geopolitics

As we have seen, geopolitical issues have impacted the supply chain for several years. This past 2022 some events and international politics had an essential effect on logistics and will continue over this year.

- E-commerce

Despite all the supply chain issues, e-commerce continues to grow at an impressive rate. In this 2023, we expect to see companies looking for strategically located distribution centers to serve their customers to receive and process returns.

- Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

ESG Compliance has been increasing for companies to prove that they operate under sustainable and ethical actions. Some governments are improving their legislation requiring businesses to moni-tor their supply chain for human rights violations and ensure the compliance of human rights in the operations focusing on the supply chain.

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- Sustainability

Supply chain stakeholders have been taking actions to eliminate carbon emissions by 2040 and 2050, and achieving this goal has required a lot of effort and anticipation. Many businesses are working with their logistics providers to help them not only reduce carbon emissions but also to track them and help them convey their reduction in emissions to consumers. This year, businesses will continue to seek a greener supply chain, from sourcing sustainable raw materials to evaluating greenhouse gas emissions.

Right now, some significant challenges still put pressure on the global economic scenario. Inflation remains an issue on most of the planet, adding pressure to the world’s economic recovery. In Eu-rope, energy prices are not expected to see a relief in the near future, while in the US, it still needs to be clarified to which level will include the Federal Reserve (FED) goes to tame inflation. China’s possible wave of infection of Covid19 due to the abrupt opening and the fewer restrictions for the pandemic adds additional pressure on the global supply chains.

West Coast to Intra-Americas
Space is available in our network.  Atacama service will be restricted in Callao due high volume of reefers. CLX service will induce Pisco to open space in the Peru Feeder to cater to all Paita reefer volume.


Intra-Americas to Caribbean (Pacific)
Caldera Feeder expects to be full due to additional volume from Asia to Puerto Caldera. WCCA2 service will be restricted from Balboa Northbound due to reefer peak season from WCSA, and products updated to the WCCA service. Space is available from Mexico to Middle Americas and the Caribbean


West Coast to North America
WCCA2 calling weekly to Los Angeles, CA. 


North America to East Coast of South America
The situation in the Gulf service has been approved, therefore the calls in Cartagena, Colombia and Cristobal, Panama are back to weekly.  The ports situation has also been improved on the East Coast and Charleston and Port Everglades calls are back to weekly. Space is available.Black sailing programs have been announced to cope with slack sean


Intra-America to East Coast of South America
Space is available to cater to the volumes to East Coast South America. Blank sailings on the UCLA service have been announced


Stay tuned for the upcoming Market Updates of this year, as we will be sharing with you monthly the topics and trends around logistics.

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