From May 1st 2023 until September 2023 included the Europa bridge linking Strasbourg to Kehl will be closed to trucks due to important construction works. During this date, all trukers will have to take bypass routes that can increase distances by more than 50 km.

In order to compensate the extra kilometers, our vendors will charge us an additional surcharge.

Therefore Maersk is forced to implement a charge in this area per container in all our import and export bookings from/to France during closure Europe bridge, which is expected to last until September 2023*.

Cases where the surcharge will be applied:

  • All BCO bookings from/to Antwerp, Rotterdam, Bremhaven, Hambourg to/from Strasbourg;
  • All RCO bookings if drop off/pick up at Khel;
  • All TRK bookings if drop off/pick up at Khel;

Amount of this surcharge:

  • 70€ per container

At present, the surcharge will be applicable as from 1st of May 2023 and until September 2023, Maersk will continue to monitor the situation, and keep you informed.

*If the works continues beyond this date, the surcharge is maintained until the end of the works.

We appreciate your understanding and support to overcome this extraordinary situation together.

For further information please contact your local Maersk office.

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