Due to the increased operational cost over electricity supplies in PSA Singapore Container Terminal (PSA) for Reefer Containers.

Sealand has decided to adjust our ad hoc surcharge for Supply of Electricity for Reefer Containers. This will affect all Reefer Containers which are currently in PSA and any future longstanding containers in PSA, with a gate-out date later than 14th September 2023.

We will be following the Public Tariff released by PSA in year 2022, and increase the above-mentioned surcharge, details refer to the below.

Thus, the charges for the Supply of Electricity for Reefer Containers will be revised as follows:

Price List ≤ 20ft ≥ 40ft
Price List
Supply of electricity (including connecting and disconnecting, monitoring at Reefer yard): Reefer Containers
≤ 20ft
SGD 69.00 per day or part thereof
≥ 40ft
SGD 103.00 per day or part thereof

The revised charges will be effective from 15th September 2023. Should there be any further changes in the electricity prices, Sealand may revise the charges accordingly.

We thank you for your support. Should you have any questions or require any assistance regarding the change, please do not hesitate to contact your local customer service representative or reach out to us via Sealand.com.

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