Simpler shipping – digital solutions that make your life easier

Take the complexity out of shipping with our easy-to-use online shipping solutions.


The industry´s first instant booking confirmation platform

You can now be among the first ones to experience our new booking platform. No more rejected bookings as you can only select the vessels available for your cargo. You can choose your preferred depot, pick-up times and we offer you a number of value added services.

Watch the introduction video here.


For now, booking can be done for:

Dry single type containers


If you want to see how it works, watch our tutorial video or read the brochure.

Now available for Americas and Europe & Mediterranean.


Optimise your supply chain with one click

Make your everyday more efficient with our digital services. From booking shipments to submitting documentation, you can now manage your cargo online. 

What can you do quicker online with our digital services? 

·   Look up shipping routes 

·   Book a shipment 

·   Submit shipping instructions and other documentation 

·   Track your cargo 

·   Look up freight rates 

·   Sign up for notifications on transport plan changes 

·   View import related activities 

·   Make payments securely


Monitor your reefer container and know it’s state every minute

With our Remote Container Management (RCM) system, you can monitor the conditions inside your reefer container from the moment your goods are locked inside and till delivery at its final destination which gives you peace of mind when shipping with us.

Why using RCM:

· You can relax. We’ve got your cargo monitored.

· You would know your supply chain inside out.

· You can take advantage of market changes on the move.


Enjoy greater simplicity and speed with our easy-to-use app

With Sealand – a Maersk company, you can save time and step up your efficiency by managing your shipments on the move with our super-simple app.  

  • Always know where your shipments are and when they will arrive
  • React more quickly by receiving updates about your shipments on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Save time by checking schedules and requesting quotes while you’re on the move
  • Keep your business partners informed with in-app messaging 


To download app for Americas, Apple Store or Google Play Store

To download app for Europe, Apple Store or Google Play store

To download app for Asia, Apple Store or Google Play store