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What does a loading guarantee mean for Sealand Spot?

Loading guarantee is an equipment and space guarantee within three (3) days before or after the estimated time of departure (ETD), as confirmed in your booking confirmation.

For bookings with inland the promise remains on timely loading in the first ocean port. The guarantee covers that the inland delivery will be made in time to catch the first vessel.


How many weeks departure ahead is available in Sealand Spot?

You can book departure for Sealand Spot up to 3-4 weeks ahead of current week.


What does it mean that the price is fixed?

Sealand Spot only shows valid prices. Rates provided are not subject to change after the booking confirmation has been received. Bookings with inland the basic inland rate is also fixed at the time of booking. However additional charges or fees (such as additional waiting time) may be applicable. Information about rates can be found in the Terms and Conditions.


Which container types are supported by Sealand Spot?

Dry-cargo for 20'GP, 40’GP, 40'HDRY, 45'HDRY, 20'NOR and 40'NOR containers are supported by Sealand Spot.


Where is Sealand Spot available for each region?


  • Starting December 2019, Sealand Spot will be available on all trades within Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Caribbean, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia.
  • In January 2020, it will be available in Mexico and Central America.
  • In March 2020, it will be available in the United States (subject to FMC approval) and Canada.



  • In March 2020, from Singapore and Taiwan to selected corridors.
  • In April 2020, from North China and East China to selected corridors.
  • At the end of July 2020, Spot will be available in remaining Intra-Asia corridors (Except China to Bangladesh and Myanmar).


In February 2020:

  • All export from United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Netherlands and Switzerland.
  • Export from Egypt to Israel, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Lebanon.
  • Export from Ukraine to Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Italy and Spain.
  • Export from Turkey to Israel and Ukraine.
  • Export from Romania to Egypt.

In July 2020, Spot will be available in all remaining Intra-Europe corridors.


All available origin and destination offers can be found at the Spot booking page.


What is the compensation fee process and what does a compensation fee cover?

In the case that Sealand – A Maersk Company is unable to ensure an equipment and loading guarantee as confirmed in the booking, the option to apply for a compensation fee is available. We will conduct a review and if eligible, a compensation fee will be applied to the invoice.

For inland specifically, a compensation fee is applicable in the event only that Sealand - A Maersk Company fails to pick-up the cargo timely enough for departure of the vessel.


What is the process of a penalty fee and what does a penalty fee cover?

A penalty fee is an amendment, cancellation or a no-show fee. An amendment is considered here is a change in the transport plan such as destination, vessel and voyage, after the booking confirmation has been received. In the event of cancellation for part of or all the shipment and the cancellation request is submitted no less than seven (7) days before the scheduled estimated time of departure, you will be charged a cancellation fee. In the event of a late cancellation (less than 7 days), a no-show fee will be applied.


What is a free time and Demurrage and Detention (D&D) offer for Sealand Spot?

With Sealand Spot, we are moving to a standard free time offer, which is tailored to the requirements of different markets. Standard Sealand Spot free time and per diem rates after the free time period will apply to all Sealand Spot offers. All Demurrage and Detention offers are available online.


Where can I download a rate sheet in Sealand Spot?

Rate sheet is not available in Sealand Spot.


What surcharges do the Sealand Spot quote consist of?

When generating a quotation on Sealand Spot, you will have full visibility on the total price of the Sealand Spot offer, including the breakdown of the ocean rates and relevant surcharges.


How do I keep track of my Sealand Spot booking?

When you book Sealand Spot, you get an email booking confirmation. After this and during the transportation, you can always track your bookings in the Shipment Binder and when your cargo arrives, you will receive an email arrival notice. This way you have the full overview of your shipment from booking to arrival.


How can I book Sealand Spot by using EDI?

First contact your local sales or customer service representative at Sealand – A Maersk Company. After they have set you up, you can just go to Instant Price, insert your origin and destination as well as commodity, container type and preferred date. When you select a date and a rate, you will see a Rate ID just below the rate. Copy this Rate ID into your external booking system and now you can book Sealand Spot even on EDI and similar platforms. Please note that since Sealand Spot uses dynamic pricing, rates are subject to change.


Can I book Sealand Spot through API?

Now we offer Sealand Spot API which enables you to handle logistics without having to learn navigating on new websites. With API, we link our pricing engine to your business’ rate management system. Your local Sealand – A Maersk Company sales representative will be happy to get you started with the Sealand Spot API solution. This service can be very quickly and easily integrated into your system’s existing technology.


Can we also get a quote for intermodal (inland, store door) services on Sealand Spot?

Yes, from mid-March 2020 you can get a inland Spot price together with your ocean Spot price. Just choose SD (Store Door) instead of CY (Container Yard) when placing your Sealand Spot booking. All our offered modes of intermodal transportation and delivery locations are available for a Spot booking.

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