Fruits and vegetables – perfectly ripe on arrival

Make sure your fruits and vegetables arrive in the perfect state of ripeness with our world-leading reefer solutions.

Reefer shipping can be intense. Time matters, reliability is paramount, and you have to be ready for last-minute changes. That’s why we’re always available for our customers – no matter the time or day – and go the extra mile to get a shipment delivered on time.

Tom Krajewski, Head of Refrigerated Sales, USA

Your fresh fruits and vegetables – delivered in a perfect state of ripeness. 

Your customers will receive perfectly ripened fruit and vegetables with our advanced reefer cargo services.

To ensure peak quality on arrival, we monitor and control the internal atmosphere of your containers during transit to optimise the ripening process and ensure cold treatment protocols are followed. And, with our superior intermodal services, you get a more agile cold chain from origin to final destination. 

So, go ahead. Deliver your fresh fruits and vegetables to more customers around the world, while we ensure your supply chain runs faster and smoother, even during busy periods. 

Stay in control with Remote Container Management (RCM) 

Your chilled fruits and vegetables will now arrive fresher than ever. Remote Container Management (RCM) enables you to accurately monitor the conditions in your container from the moment your goods are locked inside, right up to delivery at final destination.  

What’s more, because you know the exact location of your cargo at all times, you can react to market changes faster – as and when they occur. 

  • Ensure better quality on arrival by monitoring the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels inside your container 
  • Maintain the perfect environment for your cargo with in-transit adjustments 
  • React more quickly to market changes by knowing the exact location of your cargo 
  • Document transport conditions for the entire journey with simpler data retrieval

Control the ripening process 

With Starcare™ Controlled Atmosphere containers, you can control the blend of oxygen and carbon dioxide inside the container to slow down the ripening process.

  • Reach new markets by extending transit times by as much as 34 days 
  • Ensure the perfect stage of ripeness upon arrival 

Save time and costs with in-transit cold treatment 

We monitor and adjust the temperature inside your container to ensure that cold treatment protocols are followed en-route, without damaging your cargo.

  • Get to market faster by eliminating time-consuming land-based cold treatments 
  • Avoid chemical fumigation 
  • Ensure better quality on arrival by safeguarding against fruit fly and larvae while in transit

Maximise efficiency with LiquiCool™ juice bags 

Use the most efficient method of transporting fruit and vegetable juices. LiquiCool™ bags are easy to fill, pre-fitted to our containers and require no upfront investment. 

  • Reduce handling costs with one packaging solution for the entire journey 
  • Cut loading time from 20 man-hours to just 90 minutes 
  • Increase your liquid volume per shipment by 5% 
  • Reduce waste with a residue level of less than 30 litres 

Re-route in an instant with our Change of Destination service  

React faster to new market opportunities with our Change of Destination service. With our prompter personal assistance and agile thinking, we can re-route your shipment – quickly and easily.

Enjoy greener shipping solutions 

Reduce your impact on the environment. Our vessels are more energy-efficient than traditional cargo ships, and Quest II refrigeration technology chills containers and more efficiently than ever before. 

Are you ready to ship?

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