Put your pharmaceutical products in safer hands

Deliver your pharmaceutical products safer, faster and on schedule with our world-leading pharmaceutical shipping solutions.

A secure and reliable supply chain

Safeguard your pharmaceutical cargo from origin to destination. With our specialist expertise and advanced refrigerated technology, we can transport your pharmaceutical products more safely and efficiently – to all corners of the globe.

To ensure top quality, your pharmaceutical cargo travels in a sealed remote-controlled container and our seamless intermodal services give you an unbroken cold chain from pick-up to final destination.

What’s more, our faster transit times and agile thinking mean your supply chain runs more smoothly – even during peak periods.

Stay in control with Remote Container Management (RCM) 

Remote Container Management (RCM) enables you to accurately monitor the conditions in your container from the moment your pharmaceuticals are locked inside, right up to delivery at final destination. 

And, because you know the exact location of your cargo at all times, you can react to market changes faster – as and when they occur.

  • Ensure top quality by monitoring the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels inside every container
  • Know the exact location of your containers 24/7
  • Maintain the perfect environment for your cargo with in-transit adjustments 
  • Meet quality assurance standards more easily during tenders 
  • Easily retrieve and share journey data with your customers and third parties, such as insurance companies 

Meet the standards 

Rest assured. Your products are in safer hands. Built to meet EU Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines, our pharmaceutical Quality Management System (QMS) covers everything from documentation and inspections to operational procedures, equipment and risk management.

If you want to know more about our Quality Management System (QMS), just let us know.

Enjoy greener shipping solutions

Reduce your impact on the environment. Our energy-efficient vessels are more fuel-efficient than traditional cargo ships, and Quest II refrigeration technology chills containers faster and more efficiently than ever before.


Are you ready to ship?

If you have any questions, just contact your Sealand – A Maersk company local office. We’re always ready to help.