Stay in control 24/7 – Remote Container Management (RCM)

Enjoy greater peace of mind and optimal control over your fresh, frozen or pharmaceutical cargo.

Enjoy ultimate visibility  

Safeguard your cargo from origin to destination. Remote Container Management (RCM) allows you to monitor the conditions inside your container and make in-transit adjustments to ensure your cargo arrives in peak condition. 


We monitor your cargo container from pickup to delivery, with detailed information on pull-down rates, temperature, energy, humidity and CO2 levels. You can also monitor your cargo 24/7 with our easy-to-use platform. 


If a setting deviates from your parameters, you’re notified automatically and we act quickly to rectify the issue. What’s more, GPS tracking enables us to quickly re-route cargo if the market situation changes. 


So, take control of your cargo. Enjoy end-to-end transparency and ensure your customers get better cargo quality on arrival.  


Get started with Remote Container Management (RCM)

With our Remote Container Management (RCM) you can monitor the conditions inside your container from the moment your goods are locked inside and till delivery at their final destination. In other words, our RCM system brings you peace of mind when shipping fresh, frozen or pharma cargo by eliminating the risk of unexpected surprises when your containers are opened upon arrival.

The smarter way to move your reefer cargo


Relax. We’ve got your cargo covered

Keep your customers happy. Remote Container Management (RCM) gives you a complete overview of conditions inside your container for the entire journey to ensure optimal quality on delivery.


Know your supply chain inside out

Make sure your vendors are accountable. Use Remote Container Management (RCM) to check that your cargo was kept at the right settings throughout its entire journey.


Take advantage of market changes on the fly

Make smarter decisions while your cargo is in transit. With GPS tracking and internal container monitoring, you can choose whether to divert your shipment to a different market to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.


Fresher produce on arrival

Enjoy better quality produce on arrival. If internal container settings deviate from your parameters, we quickly make the necessary adjustments to ensure your produce travels in an optimal environment – and arrives in peak condition. 


Comply more easily with pharmaceutical requirements

Remote Container Management (RCM) provides you with documented proof that your cargo complies with regulatory requirements and quality demands for its entire journey. 

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