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You see. You know. You rest easy. Now, Captain Peter is your eyes and ears on the vessel carrying your precious cargo. This state-of-the-art tool makes sure that you always know the condition of your cargo. It sends you status updates on humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels of your reefer cargo's container. With our new personalised notification setup, you can even adjust how often you want to receive status updates and how much your container’s condition can deviate before alerting you. 



 Not just that. The live tracking feature helps you plan the next steps with greater precision. Based on your cargo’s condition, you can request setting adjustments or divert to a closer market for the best possible business.



In short, Captain Peter gives you a critical edge over the competition with cargo that arrives as fresh as it departs.

What makes it unique


Shipment overview

You can track the status of your shipment – location, origin and destination etc.


Container details

Inside the container, you can track finer details like humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels.


300x better than before

It's completely rethought based on your valuable feedback

Powerful features to improve your reefer cargo’s transportation journey

Container Overview TickMark TickMark
Container Stats (Data Graphs and Journey Log) TickMark TickMark
Unlimited Users TickMark TickMark
Share Container Details Limited to 5 / month Unlimited
Notifications Standard Personalized
Support Email 24/7 Chat
Data Download CrossMark TickMark
Price / Month $ 0 $ 10 / all shipped reefers in subscription period
Maximum / Year $ 0 $ 20,000

Always fresh.

Customers are loving it already

Every time I talk to someone at Customer Service I tell them that I wish all containers had Captain Peter. Since the cargo is on the ocean for 15 days and there is no other way to track what is going on with my fruit, but with Captain Peter, every 4-5 days I can track if the temperature is going as it should.


- Network Operator from Spanish Supermarket Chain




I choose Maersk and Captain Peter over others because I can see what is happening with my cargo - you can’t imagine the pain I’m feeling when I can’t see what is happening during the voyage.


- Business Owner from Wiskerke Onions




I like the possibility of having an overview of all our current containers on one site and being able to check in on their live status and the temperatures.


- Import Manager from VitaBeef

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