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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions to Captain Peter, how the container data is presented, what are the benefits of the premium features, subscription price etc., please read our frequently asked questions.

1. Where can I learn more about Captain Peter and its features?

Learn more about the product features, datalog, container statistics, subscription price etc. on https://remotecontainermanagement.com/

2. How do I get access to Captain Peter?

If you already have a login to SealandMaersk.com, you can use this to log into Captain Peter as well: https://remotecontainermanagement.com/login If you are a new user, you can register here.

3. Who can access a shipment’s data on Captain Peter?

Only the “price owner” of a shipment has access to the reefer data. This person can choose to share specific container details with other parties, using the sharing functionality.

4. Who can I contact for technical support on Captain Peter?

Our Captain Peter support team can answer questions on reefer data and product features – they can be reached via the 24/7 online chat or email support@remotecontainermanagement.com

5. What if I want to know more about a specific temperature pattern?

We have 24/7 monitoring on all reefer containers. Specific container queries can be forwarded to the Captain Peter Support team via the 24/7 online chat or email support@remotecontainermanagement.com.

6. How up-to-date is the data on the graphs in Captain Peter?

The data in Captain Peter is based on the reefer datalogs. The datalog file for each of our 370.000+ RCM-enabled reefers is received once a day with 24 hourly averaged datapoints from the day before.

7. What is the retention period of the data available in Captain Peter?

Data is currently kept available for 1 year.

8. How come I can’t find a specific container when searching for container number?

If the container has been released from a booking, you can always use the booking number to search and retrieve the historic data.

9. The setpoint temperature displayed in the Captain Peter graph, is that the booked or the actual setpoint temperature?

In the Captain Peter graphs, it is the actual setpoint temperature of the reefer container that is displayed.

10. Can I choose which reefer shipments the Captain Peter premium subscription should apply to?

You are not able to select Captain Peter per container/shipment during booking stage. The Captain Peter premium subscription is a monthly subscription where you are invoiced based on the number of reefers shipped during the subscription period. The Captain Peter invoice will therefore be separate to the freight invoice.

11. Can I pay for one single datalog download?

Currently, it is not be possible to pay for single use of any of the premium features. You will need to buy the all-in monthly subscription in order to get access to the premium features.

12. How will I be invoiced?

You will receive an invoice every month as long as the premium subscription is enabled, and you are shipping reefer containers with us. Payment and credit terms will be visible in the invoice. You are able to pay your Captain Peter invoices via MyFinance on www.sealandmaersk.com.

13. Will I pay double if I do business with multiple Maersk brands?

Of course not, but you will be invoiced per account/customer code. As an example, if you do business with both Maersk and Sealand-A Maersk Company you will receive two invoices, covering the volumes shipped with each brand.

14. When will the payment fall?

You will receive the first invoice 30 days after subscribing to the premium subscription.

15. Can I try the premium features for a free trial period?

Unfortunately, there is no free trial period available. All our reefer customers have had access to the premium features free of charge from December 2019 to May 2020 which served as an overall trial period.

16. As the maximum costs per year is $20.000, can I view a current “yearly run-rate” or history of invoices?

You can always reach out to the support team on the 24/7 Captain Peter chat to know your yearly run-rate.

Any questions?

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