Simpler shipping – digital solutions that make your life easier

Take the complexity out of shipping with our easy-to-use online shipping solutions.


Optimise your supply chain with one click

Make your everyday more efficient with our digital services. From booking shipments to submitting documentation, you can now manage your cargo online to save time and administration costs. 

What can you do quicker online with our digital services? 

·   Look up shipping routes 

·   Book a shipment 

·   Submit shipping instructions and other documentation 

·   Track your cargo 

·   Look up freight rates 

·  Sign up for notifications on transport plan changes 

·  View import related activities 

·  Make payments securely 


The easier way to make secure payments

Reduce your paperwork by managing your invoices and accounts with MyFinance. 


· Pay invoices online more quickly 

· Easily view your invoices and credit facilities 

· Make account and payment enquiries in an instant 

· Get access to real-time updates on your account status 

· Pay securely by debit card with SmartPay 



Enjoy greater simplicity and speed with our easy-to-use app

With Sealand – a Maersk company, you can save time and step up your efficiency by managing your shipments on the move with our super-simple app.  


  • Always know where your shipments are and when they will arrive
  • React more quickly by receiving updates about your shipments on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Save time by checking schedules and requesting quotes while you’re on the move
  • Keep your business partners informed with in-app messaging